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"I was absolutely spellbound

by the story and the performance!

It was a brilliant piece of work, brilliantly executed. 

And...her hair and makeup were perfect."

-Dennis Pataniczek, Dean of School of Education and technology, Emeritus, Salisbury University

"Beth is a storyteller and a teacher

with a blended background of theater, education, counseling and over 25 years of continuous sobriety.

The result? A smart, witty, tender speaker who understands the deep knots of humanity and shows us how to untangle through the power of stories."
- Kim Weitkamp - Author, Speaker, Storyteller 

"Beth Ohlsson combines the ancient wisdom of folktales with cutting edge knowledge of addictions treatment.  

The result is insightful and healing."

- Elizabeth Ellis, Storyteller,

NSN Circle of Excellence, Dallas Texas


"Beth Ohlsson’s collection of recorded stories,

Distilling Hope, is as courageous as it is entertaining. And yes, it is entertaining. (Like, I-missed-my-exit-outside-of-Chattanooga entertaining.) Using traditional tales from a variety of cultures, and personal stories of family, Beth brings examples of caution and hope with vulnerability, heart and just a little bit of a sweet smirk." 

- Andy Offut Irwin - Storyteller

"Beth weaves strands of beauty, joy, whimsy, pathos, mystery, enchantment, and truth.

The finished fabric of her stories lives long in memory."

- Barbara Woodey, TaleSpinner, Baltimore, MD

"Beth's One Woman Show,

"Lady Doctor: A Visit with Elizabeth Blackwell,"

was a great example of how humanities --

history, narrative, theater, for example --

can be a powerful tool for education and empowerment. "
Yujia Song, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Philosophy Department, Salisbury University


"You were fabulous, so centered and grounded in Elizabeth.  We were with you every second being pleased. horrified, outraged, committed, and hopeful.

- Judith Black, One of the nation’s foremost storytellers whom creates to augment the missions of educational, historic, and governmental organizations.

“Distilling Hope is an incredible contribution to the field of

substance abuse recovery and a charming learning tool for all in the human services/education field, this book is a powerful, delightful, and insightful resource.

Plus, it is the next best thing to having a bedtime story read to you

by a smart & caring therapist.”

- Eileen P. Gilheany, MSW, Social Work Department, Salisbury University

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