"Beth Ohlsson’s collection of recorded stories, Distilling Hope, is as courageous as it is entertaining. And yes, it is entertaining. (Like, I-missed-my-exit-outside-of-Chattanooga entertaining.) Using traditional tales from a variety of cultures, and personal stories of family, Beth brings examples of caution and hope with vulnerability, heart and just a little bit of a sweet smirk." 

- Andy Offut Irwin - Storyteller

"Beth Ohlsson combines the ancient wisdom of folktales with cutting edge knowledge of addictions treatment.  The result is insightful and healing."

- Elizabeth Ellis, storyteller, NSN Circle of Excellence, Dallas Texas

"Beth is a storyteller and a teacher with a blended background of theater, education, counseling and over 25 years of continuous sobriety. The result? A smart, witty, tender speaker who understands the deep knots of humanity and shows us how to untangle through the power of stories."
- Kim Weitkamp - Author, Speaker, Storyteller 

Beth weaves strands of beauty, joy, whimsy, pathos, mystery, enchantment, and truth. The finished fabric of her stories lives long in memory."

- Barbara Woodey, TaleSpinner, Baltimore, MD

“Distilling Hope is an incredible contribution to the field of substance abuse recovery and a charming learning tool for all in the human services/education field,

this book is a powerful, delightful, and insightful resource.

Plus, it is the next best thing to having a bedtime story read to you by a smart & caring therapist.”

- Eileen P. Gilheany, MSW, Social Work Department, Salisbury University

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